Everybody could come into a situation in which they need a short term accommodation; when you are moving to a new area and need somewhere to stay while you search for your ideal home, when you are renovation your current home and don’t like to stay in a hotel, or when you are relocation to the Netherlands from abroad and everything is stressful and chaotic already and you just need a place from where you can start up everything in the Netherlands and from where you can start the search for your new home.

For all these situations Villa Johanna provides short, flexible term accommodation, for all those people who need an accommodation in the Hilversum area. In Villa Johanna you can live in comfort and convenience, without having to live in a hotel for weeks or months – our apartments are bigger, cheaper, more private and more homely than a hotel room without having to commit to a normal rental property for six months or more, and without having to worry about all paperwork and registrations for all utilities, cable TV, Internet etc